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Business Insolvency Help in London

If Your Business Is In Trouble: What Are The Options?



Our Small Business Insolvency portal CVL Help London is a series of websites designed to offer help and advice to business owners who need to know what options there are available when the business is in trouble, and what is the best course of action to take. So often, when a company faces difficulties, decisions are never taken because of the knowledge that taking one course of action will prevent other options from being available further on down the road. The result is that nothing is done and those choices become closed off by the ensuing events anyway.

But if you take advice now - it needn't be action, just advice - then you will be better prepared to face the challenges that await. Better still, you will be armed with the knowledge of the many things that are available to you and your business which you may not have been aware of before from your standpoint..

We understand that every business will have its own particular problems.


We offer independent small business insolvency help and practical advice based on years of experience. In particular, we are seasoned experts in pre-pack administration and other forms of business insolvency help in London, thus helping you to make the transistion that you need to make with the least fuss and pain possible.

Is liquidation the only answer? No, it isn't. Far from it. There are lots of other things you should consider like a CVA or some other settlement plan, each of which will have a slightly different outcome and a different effect on the standing of business owners and directors once the dust has settled. You want to make sure you are in the best possible position to either save your business or start again from a good vantage point if other options for saving the company in its present form are no longer possible. Our London based experts can advise you.

If your business can be saved then you need to take advice now to save it, whether by restructuring, factoring, discounting your invoices, writing off personal or business debts, dramatically improving cashflow by the several means available and turning the whole business round.

If it cannot be saved then you also need to take early advice to ensure the fastest possible winding up and transition to a new business model, with the least damage to your own personal assets.

The important thing is to act now, before these other options are closed to you.




Small Business Insolvency Help: Our Specialities Include:


business debt factoring
invoice discounting

business bankruptcy
business finance

company bankruptcy
voluntary arrangement

pre pack administration

voluntary liquidation
business liquidation
wrongful trading
business insolvency
business rescue
business turnaround

pre pack liquidation


business refinancing
business voluntary arrangement
business voluntary liquidation
business winding up
close my business
close my company
close my partnership
company administration
company insolvency
company liquidation
company rescue
company turnaround
company voluntary arrangement
company voluntary liquidation
company winding up
corporate administration
corporate bankruptcy
corporate insolvency
corporate liquidation
corporate rescue
corporate turnaround
corporate voluntary arrangement
corporate voluntary liquidation
corporate winding up
creditors insolvency
creditors liquidation
creditors voluntary arrangement
creditors voluntary liquidation creditors winding up
directors bankruptcy
directors insolvency
directors liquidation
directors turnaround

directors voluntary arrangement

directors voluntary liquidation
directors winding up
directors wrongful trading
my business is bust
my company is bust
my company is going bust
my partnership is bust
partnership administration
partnership arrangement
partnership insolvency
partnership liquidation
partnership rescue
partnership turnaround
partnership voluntary arrangement
partnership voluntary liquidation
partnership winding up
sole proprietor bankruptcy
sole proprietor insolvency
sole proprietor voluntary arrangement
sole proprietor voluntary bankruptcy
sole trader administration
sole trader bankruptcy
sole trader insolvency
sole trader liquidation
sole trader rescue
sole trader turnaround
sole trader voluntary arrangement
struggling business
wind up my business
wind up my company
wind up my partnership




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